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Our First Coffeebot Fan Art!

We love making Coffeebot and it is amazing to see other people enjoying it as well. Today we would like to share Coffeebot fan art we received! Never did we think we would make something people want to recreate. This puts a huge smile on our faces!   Please feel free to share your Coffeebot… Read more »

Lean Mean Designing Machine

As project manager of the great team behind Coffeebot: An Online Series, I am in charge of setting up milestones and deadlines. Once I was aware I would be the PM, I instantly knew how I was going to structure our production/design process. As mentioned on our website and in previous articles, I am not… Read more »

Web Personality

It is not common for someone to consider that the website they are using was designed with a personality.  Websites are just another outlet for information, right? Why would they need a personality? The answer is simple: to make things more enjoyable for you. Some sites you log onto have obvious personalities (try kid sites… Read more »

Picking One from Infinity

It is common to believe that creative people hate limitations and we all want “free range” when it comes to developing ideas.  However, have you ever had to come up with an idea on the spot with no limitations? Was it also a good one? It’s a lot harder than you think. When we are… Read more »