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Not Just Another Webcomic

In our current phase for senior project, we explain our idea as a “3D modeled webcomic with animation.”  At first this sounds rather confusing (that’s why one of our next steps will be re-writing our explanation). Our project willtechnically be a webcomic. It will have a dedicated website and the whole mess of other stuff you… Read more »

Preparing Hyperspace Jump, Sir!

Coffeebot: An Online Series.  So far it’s still in the pre-production phases of development – which is okay, since we’re still ahead of schedule. Everything’s getting closer. But let’s talk about some  long term stuff we haven’t gotten to yet. Stuff that, right now, is all hypothetical, but when we get to it, it’ll be… Read more »

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War!

What would a senior project be without challenge? Well, not senior project, to put it mildly. Clearly a senior project has to be challenging in some way, if not many ways, in order to show that the group can push their skills to the max to complete something in 9 months. Since Digital Media is… Read more »