“How’s Coffeebot Going?”

We get these questions a lot:

“How’s Coffeebot going?”
“Are you guys still doing that coffee thing?”
Or even more vaguely… “You were making that cartoon thingy right? What was that?”

We are always getting asked how the Coffeebot series is going and the general response from us is, “Really well!” Some people we talk to are all caught up on the series, some are not, but regardless Coffeebot has been having a very good past couple of months.

A lot of things have been happening for us and for Coffeebot. I am here now to catch you all up on what exactly has been going on. Later Eric will tell you where we are going. As you may know, Coffeebot launched in January and we have successfully released an episode every Sunday since. We love making Coffeebot and our passion for it has not ebbed at all. Coffeebot is our brain child, our flagship series, and we will continue making it until we are forced not to.

With this series we as a team have accomplished a lot. We entered Drexel’s Research Day competition (because we were required to by Drexel) and had no expectations from it. We were a cartoon at a research competition. It was obvious to us we were not a strong competitor. Well, it turned out that we WON SECOND PLACE for our college’s award! That meant Coffeebot got some cash and all of us were happy. The actual research day was great. We got to talk to a lot of wonderful people and see them all interact with our site and watch the Coffeebot series.

Coffeebot was also selected to be a recipient for Drexel’s Swift Fund Grant. The Swift Fund provides money to students who need to buy things for their senior project. We ended up getting it a little later than we wanted, but it is always reassuring when people like us enough to give us money (We like money.)

We also have been selected as a team to participate in University of the Arts’ Corzo Center Summer Entrepreneur’s Program (what a mouthful)! All four of us just graduated, but we are going back to class. This program is pretty much a business boot camp. It will help whip us into shape and allow us to become the animation studio we dream of being. Because let me tell you ladies and gents, Coffeebot is just the tip of the iceberg.

Besides all this, we have officially applied to be a LLC, so we are incorporated, baby! That’s right, we are going to be business owners. Soon, you are going to be hearing from Coffeebot Studios, LLC, not just “those four kids who make stuff.”

Things are looking up and we have been having a very successful run so far. We are making our own dream jobs, working in a new office space, and becoming entrepreneurs. All we really have to say to you guys is THANK YOU! Without the page views and your comments, we probably would have given up a long time ago. Even if most of our comments are still from our moms, whatever. We love it. We love you.

Team Coffeebot
Chelsea, Eric, Ross and Ian.

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