Operation REVAMP

One of my favorite parts about working on a series like Coffeebot is that we get to improve as we move forward. This is not a one and done kind of ordeal. We’ve been keeping that in mind ever since we started working on Coffeebot. There’s already a big list of things we’ve updated so far. You probably don’t even notice them, which is a good thing. Now that we’re out of school and giving it all we have, we came up with a big list of things that need to be overhauled. Since making code names for things is never not fun, we’ve called it “Operation R.E.V.A.M.P”. What that’s an acronym for is still TBD, but you get the idea.

Some updates we have planned are noticeable cosmetic differences, others are under-the-hood things that make our jobs easier. We want to be able to get the most out of Glenn and Coffeebot’s animation, so we’re willing to put in the time to overhaul whatever needs to be – on top of working on new episodes. For example we are in the process right now of re-modeling Glenn’s head. It won’t look too different once we are done, but the way we are modeling it will let us give Glenn a much wider range of facial expressions than he has now. Glenn’s hands will also be redesigned, as will his clothes, his hair… the list goes on. We also reworked and remodeled Coffeebot’s legs, too, so they have a wider range of movement.

It’s small details like that which we want to improve on and make the series look the best we can make it, piece by piece. We hope that this change is gradual, and one day you will look back at episode one and only then really see the change. Here is a list of what else we want to improve:

  • Textures of clothes and furniture
  • Adding detail to all objects
  • Adding objects to Glenn’s apartment
  • Adding more locations to the Coffeebot world

The technical side of working with 3D animation involves so many areas that we could keep learning new ways to improve our visuals pretty much forever. But we won’t make you wait forever for these changes.


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