Vlog 02

Team Coffeebot has an excited announcement that you may want to hear! Give your opinion on Coffeebot merch and about what’s coming up next!

3 Responses to “Vlog 02”

  1. Brandon Reimer

    Hoping that Coffebot coffee mugs are a given, but it wasn’t said in the video so I’m officially requesting them :D. Really loving what you guys are doing, keep it up!

  2. Marjorie

    How about bumper stickers? Those of us who already love Coffeebot would put him on our cars and spread the word to those who dont know about him.

  3. Josh Barnett

    Lookin’ good guys! I’m looking forward to watching the new coffeebot short tomorrow. I agree with Brandon, coffeebot mugs would be awesome and posters could be pretty cool as well.


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