Monthly Archives: June 2013

Why Coffeebot

Coffeebot was an idea mentioned by our very talented group member, Eric Martin.  He brought it up during the chaos of our brainstorming period, where hundreds of other possible ideas were shot around.  Countless thoughts were considered and discussed deeply. However Coffeebot contained an initial charm that had us keep coming back to it. The… Read more »

Introductions Are in Order

Our team is comprised of three animators and one web developer.  Since we are a small team, we wanted to select a project that didn’t require a lot of modelling, rigging, texturing, etc.  To do a production style animation short, our team would probably need to be comprised of six to eight animators.  After long… Read more »

Picking One from Infinity

It is common to believe that creative people hate limitations and we all want “free range” when it comes to developing ideas.  However, have you ever had to come up with an idea on the spot with no limitations? Was it also a good one? It’s a lot harder than you think. When we are… Read more »