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What’s Brewing?


Coffeebot has always been more than just a project to us. And it looks like Team Coffeebot is in it for the long haul. Yes, Team CB is moving up in the world. It’s time to show the world that we’re serious about cartoons (is that even possible?). We just received our LLC papers from… Read more »

A Minor Setback

With Summer term winding to a close, the team has found itself coming closer and closer to finalizing the first major stage of pre-production.  We have created character bibles, a vault of possible comic strips and short animations, and our character designs.  The first stage of pre-production was finally coming to an end, or so… Read more »

A Certain Kind of Style

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about how our comics, and especially our animated shorts, are going to look.  I don’t mean the look they will have when they are rendered.  I mean how are they going to look when they move. To the average person, all animated movies are pretty… Read more »

Introductions Are in Order

Our team is comprised of three animators and one web developer.  Since we are a small team, we wanted to select a project that didn’t require a lot of modelling, rigging, texturing, etc.  To do a production style animation short, our team would probably need to be comprised of six to eight animators.  After long… Read more »