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My Coffeebot Family


What I love about working at Coffeebot Studios is how much fun I have with the team. We may have a rough day here and there, but we proactively improve ourselves to prevent those already rare occurrences. Some people think that making Coffeebot is all fun and games, but they’d be wrong. Making Coffeebot is… Read more »

Friends Group

It is always great working with someone you are friends with.  Stating the obvious, it means you get along relatively well. Hopefully do not have to carry 90% of the workload, since you have friends that actually care about you. Apart from that, the work environment is lightened by the ability to casually joke around during… Read more »

Think Robot Coffee Machine

“Where do Coffeebots come from?” If you ever pondered this question and wanted an answer, well you’re in luck… kinda.  Our very special character comes from a mysterious, unknown manufacturer, advertised by a gaudyad, located in the back of a never heard of comic book..  Once you let the astonishing origin sink in, I will tell… Read more »

Why Coffeebot

Coffeebot was an idea mentioned by our very talented group member, Eric Martin.  He brought it up during the chaos of our brainstorming period, where hundreds of other possible ideas were shot around.  Countless thoughts were considered and discussed deeply. However Coffeebot contained an initial charm that had us keep coming back to it. The… Read more »