My Coffeebot Family

What I love about working at Coffeebot Studios is how much fun I have with the team. We may have a rough day here and there, but we proactively improve ourselves to prevent those already rare occurrences. Some people think that making Coffeebot is all fun and games, but they’d be wrong. Making Coffeebot is mostly fun and games. When the team comes together for a workday, sometimes, it just feels like we’re hanging out. Throughout the day, whether it is while we are animating or just chatting, we have a lot of laughs.

We want to make content that puts a smile on our viewer’s face. To make them laugh and share that happiness with the people around them. We are dedicated to giving that extra dose of laughter at the end of each week, even if it means coming to work early and staying late (We really don’t mind it at all). However, the laughs that team Coffeebot has while we’re are making our content, are different from the laughs we elicit from our viewers. The laughs we have working at Coffeebot Studio, are laughs that define our friendship to each other.

At Coffeebot Studios, we are a close knit group of devoted friends. We may have schedules and deadlines to adhere to, but that doesn’t prevent us from having a good time. Ross has an arsenal of accents at his disposal and never fails to put a smile on our faces. Chelsea is quick on her toes, and make great witty comments and responses. She also is the herald of happy news, telling us if something good has happened to Coffeebot Studios, or sharing a fun video or picture. Eric improvises a song that may not make sense and makes great sound interpretation. What I mean by that is he is great at creating a noise that sounds nothing close to what he is describing. These examples are just a fraction of a percent of the ways we make each other happy. Apart from each of us bringing a unique skill set to Coffeebot, we also bring valuable qualities and personalities as friends.

Working on Coffeebot is not the only time that we are together laughing. We get together fairly frequently after work and on the weekends. Since the formation of our group over a year ago, we’ve had a number of team gatherings. We play video games together, watch movies and best of all, cook delicious meals together! There may have been a day…or seven, that we’ve done all three, but they were all wondrous.

I sometimes overlook how lucky I am to be working with such an extraordinary group of friends. I have the comfort of knowing that the person working next to me is not just working for themselves, but for the people around them. That each and every one of us doesn’t want to let any of us down. That we are all there for each other. I have to remind myself of how rare of situation I find myself in, and I have to reiterate to myself why I work so hard at Coffeebot Studios. I sleep easy knowing that tomorrow I can expect to have fun, to smile and to laugh. Looking back at how far we’ve come, I can only be more excited for what our future holds.

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  1. Kathena Siegel

    This was adorable! You are a great group of people… keep doing what you’re doing! :)


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