What’s Brewing?

Coffeebot has always been more than just a project to us. And it looks like Team Coffeebot is in it for the long haul. Yes, Team CB is moving up in the world. It’s time to show the world that we’re serious about cartoons (is that even possible?). We just received our LLC papers from the Pennsylvania government, so we are officially Coffeebot Studios, LLC! It’s insane to be able to say that “we’ve started our own business.” I just wanted to make cartoons.

For those of you that are not aware, Team Coffeebot has been contacted by Frederator Studios (creators of Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents) to be a part of their Channel Frederator for a year-long contract. We are beyond excited by this. Frederator contacted us! That’s insane to me! Quite literally, a dream come true. This is exactly what we hoped would happen when we started Coffeebot. We always joked about us getting contacted by a studio like Frederator. It was more like a plea, like “PLEASE work with us some day!” We actually have it written down in a google doc from September 2013, “What we fantasize this project could be one day (Working for Frederator).” Now that it’s actually happening, we’re definitely in a state of disbelief. This opens a lot of doors for us, and will hold a lot of weight in our future endeavors.

So you definitely could say that we are poised to continue for at least another year. This is great for our audience, but it also means that we are going to have to change the way we do things. Hopefully for the better.

With this new contract, we want to make ourselves as valuable to Frederator as possible, so that means that we want to ramp up animation production. We want to create more content that could be released on YouTube and on our website. This means more fully-animated shorts! We plan to start releasing two shorts a month along with bi-weekly video blogs that will give you guys behind the scenes access to our creative process and how everything gets made. Exciting stuff, right? So that’s more animated content and behind the scenes access!

But all good things come with a price.

Unfortunately, this does mean that we are going to have to stop comic creation, at least for the time being. Don’t worry, this will not be sudden. The comics will slowly phase out and you will have a warning.

Stopping the comics isn’t easy for us. It’s where we began. But we all think that it is a necessary step. We have always said that CB is an animated series, and we all like the idea of creating more fully-animated content.

Do you guys have any thoughts? What kinds of things would you guys like to see? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

All the best,
-Eric and the Coffeebot Team

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