More Fan Art!

We love Coffeebot fan art! Keep them coming! This wonderful drawing is from Lilly, a very talented 9 year-old!

Our First Coffeebot Fan Art!

We love making Coffeebot and it is amazing to see other people enjoying it as well. Today we would like to share Coffeebot fan art we received! Never did we think we would make something people want to recreate. This puts a huge smile on our faces!   Please feel free to share your Coffeebot… Read more »

Not Just Another Webcomic

In our current phase for senior project, we explain our idea as a “3D modeled webcomic with animation.”  At first this sounds rather confusing (that’s why one of our next steps will be re-writing our explanation). Our project willtechnically be a webcomic. It will have a dedicated website and the whole mess of other stuff you… Read more »

Friends Group

It is always great working with someone you are friends with.  Stating the obvious, it means you get along relatively well. Hopefully do not have to carry 90% of the workload, since you have friends that actually care about you. Apart from that, the work environment is lightened by the ability to casually joke around during… Read more »