Vlog 01

HELLO YOUTUBE! We are so excited to be on Youtube now and join this flourishing community. We will be releasing new Coffeebot episodes every other Friday! Check back on our YouTube then.

My Coffeebot Family

What I love about working at Coffeebot Studios is how much fun I have with the team. We may have a rough day here and there, but we proactively improve ourselves to prevent those already rare occurrences. Some people think that making Coffeebot is all fun and games, but they’d be wrong. Making Coffeebot is… Read more »

Operation REVAMP

One of my favorite parts about working on a series like Coffeebot is that we get to improve as we move forward. This is not a one and done kind of ordeal. We’ve been keeping that in mind ever since we started working on Coffeebot. There’s already a big list of things we’ve updated so… Read more »

What’s Brewing?

Coffeebot has always been more than just a project to us. And it looks like Team Coffeebot is in it for the long haul. Yes, Team CB is moving up in the world. It’s time to show the world that we’re serious about cartoons (is that even possible?). We just received our LLC papers from… Read more »

“How’s Coffeebot Going?”

We get these questions a lot: “How’s Coffeebot going?” “Are you guys still doing that coffee thing?” Or even more vaguely… “You were making that cartoon thingy right? What was that?” We are always getting asked how the Coffeebot series is going and the general response from us is, “Really well!” Some people we talk… Read more »