A Minor Setback

With Summer term winding to a close, the team has found itself coming closer and closer to finalizing the first major stage of pre-production.  We have created character bibles, a vault of possible comic strips and short animations, and our character designs.  The first stage of pre-production was finally coming to an end, or so… Read more »

Lean Mean Designing Machine

As project manager of the great team behind Coffeebot: An Online Series, I am in charge of setting up milestones and deadlines. Once I was aware I would be the PM, I instantly knew how I was going to structure our production/design process. As mentioned on our website and in previous articles, I am not… Read more »

Preparing Hyperspace Jump, Sir!

Coffeebot: An Online Series.  So far it’s still in the pre-production phases of development – which is okay, since we’re still ahead of schedule. Everything’s getting closer. But let’s talk about some  long term stuff we haven’t gotten to yet. Stuff that, right now, is all hypothetical, but when we get to it, it’ll be… Read more »

Think Robot Coffee Machine

“Where do Coffeebots come from?” If you ever pondered this question and wanted an answer, well you’re in luck… kinda.  Our very special character comes from a mysterious, unknown manufacturer, advertised by a gaudyad, located in the back of a never heard of comic book..  Once you let the astonishing origin sink in, I will tell… Read more »

A Certain Kind of Style

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about how our comics, and especially our animated shorts, are going to look.  I don’t mean the look they will have when they are rendered.  I mean how are they going to look when they move. To the average person, all animated movies are pretty… Read more »